why... music??


somehow i got linked to make it forever. i'd actually seen the album cover of 100 percent electronica but had not listened to it. but when i had heard make it forever, i was captivated. this album came out in high school going to college, a transitional period of my life. this album also got me into the whole 100 percent electronica label.


the large synth opening of living loose. the bombastic energy of make it forever. the ooh and uhhs and ahhs. the bassline on slide. the reprise on you lost me there. the hooks, the synth layers, etc.

over the years it just stands to me as a wonderful hazy blurry album. one of my favorites


one of the first places that i got into music was little big planet, who featured the go! team on both games. i remember i was so excited to listen to that i found an early preview of the album NPR had put out. for a while, this was my favorite album period. i think slide dethroned it, but this album is still one of my all time favorites. i have a strong memory of listening to this on a road trip with my family, looking out the window at the trees poking out the cliff faces surrounding us.


the hazy, sunbaked, collaborative energy. sounds like a collage of beautifully overexposed photo.

this album is like a beautiful dream


i found them through 100 percent electronica. the song that sealed the deal for me was sky2fall followed by chaeri. again, i have a strong memory of this song in a car. driving through houses nestled on the hills while hearing how cheari is killing her. 


the pop perfection, immaculately produced. seriously this album sounds amazing. the bass specifically sounds awesome. the reverb-y builds. the grit of you lose. 

this album sounds like LA.


forever ago, when i only listened to the indie dance radio on pandora, i was served up some postal service songs. as a child i thought it was boring. thankfully i have changed my mind! i found it mid pandemic. i think the first song to grab me was such great heights, and at some point i even scrawled some lyrics on the bottom of my desk. but the whole album now is treasured. 


the crunchy synths and the snappy sequenced drums on the whole album. the world building on this place is a prison. the plucky synth on such great heights. the conversation on nothing better. the album cover.

one of my songs has a synth inspired by the postal service. can you guess which song???


to me, this is the modest mouse album. it has the fantastic lyrics, more loose and jangly style of some of their earlier stuff but paired with very subtly psychedelic production here and there. i discovered it after a friend of mine pointed out their song dramamine from another album, and from there i dove into the band as a whole. i listened to this a lot while walking around, during a frustrating and loose time of my life. i don't recall much from this time, but i apparently listened to enough modest mouse to make them one of my most listened-to artists. this album was the perfect complement to that period of my life. there is something about issac brock's singing that is so perfectly imperfect.


the intricate lyrics and many one liners, the fun and interesting guitar playing, catchy melodies, the whole thing.